Romancero Gitano ( Gypsy Songbook )
Artist: Romancero Gitano (Gypsy Songbo
Format: CD
Used: Available

Formats and Editions


1. Romancero Gitano: I. Baladilla De Los Tres Rios
2. Romancero Gitano: II. La Guitarra
3. Romancero Gitano: III. Punal
4. Romancero Gitano: IV. Procesion - Paso - Saeta
5. Romancero Gitano: V. Memento
6. Romancero Gitano: VI. Baile
7. Romancero Gitano: VII. Crotalo
8. Les Chansons Des Roses: En Une Seule Fleur
9. Les Chansons Des Roses: Contre Qui, Rose
10. Les Chansons Des Roses: De Ton Reve Trop Plein
11. Les Chansons Des Roses: La Rose Complete
12. Les Chansons Des Roses: Dirait-On
13. Sure On This Shining Night, Op. 13, No. 3
14. Three Elizabethan Madrigals: Weepe, O Mine Eyes
15. Three Elizabethan Madrigals: Like As The Culver On The Bared Bou
16. Three Elizabethan Madrigals: Go, Lovely Rose
17. Three Odes To Horace: Vitas Hinnuelo
18. Three Odes To Horace: Felices Ter
19. Three Odes To Horace: O Fons Bandusiae
20. Bitter Sweet

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