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Format: CD
Label: POSM
Catalog: 928102
Rel. Date: 06/06/2007
UPC: 602517372610

Song for You
Artist: The Temptations
Format: CD
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''A Song for You'' is a 1975 album by The Temptations. The album features two R&B number-one hits, "Happy People" (originally intended for recording by its authors, The Commodores), and "Shakey Ground", one of the group's final R&B number-one songs.

It features then lead singer Dennis Edwards on the title track written by Leon Russell.

Also featured are Richard Street and Melvin Franklin on the track "Firefly".

This album features a familiar device of the time used to exhibit the versatility of 70s soul groups: one side features up-tempo cuts and the other side focuses on ballads. Several songs on side one such as "Glass House" and "Shakey Ground" featured P-Funk-backed dance grooves and even a writing credit for former Funkadelic guitarist Eddie Hazel, while side two had tracks such as "I'm A Bachelor" and "Memories", which showcased a more subdued style of soul. - Wikipedia

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