if you are so moved to donate, we say thanks!

Years ago, after a stunning in-store performance DARRELL SCOTT signed a poster for us and it still hangs in the hall here. He wrote, “We all need each other”. To this day I continue to quote this simple and ancient truth. Horizon Records since 1975, has survived Gene’s learning curve years (now that was slow and painful), the onslaught of technology; CD burning, Napster, downloads, internet sales, big box chain stores, and now of course streaming. Then there was 9/11/2001, then the crush of economic implosion starting in 2008 nearly ran us asunder and here we are in pandemic world. So, if you want to support our ongoing path we suggest simply shopping in-store or here on our new webstore or try our gift card option. If you are inspired to do more or for now already have plenty of music, here just below is our donation page. This money will go directly to actual costs of survival needs to keep doors open (when we can), keeping the power on and staff paid or assisted. Whether its $1 or $500 we are so grateful and feel blessed to have earned your respect and trust enough for a donation. Hope we’ve been of service some where along the way or perhaps brought some joy.  

Indeed, we all need each other.

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